American Civil War Naval Starter Set

American Civil War Naval Starter Set - Langton MiniaturesSix Langton 1/1200th scale ships packaged together as a starter pack for American Civil War Naval Games. The six ships are the vessels that happen to be in the Battle o­n the Yazoo scenario from the Iron and Fire Rules. Now, leaving aside all the jokes you could make about being up the Yazoo and such, this scenario just happens to involve three Confederate vessels and three Union vessels. A wargamer could not ask for better – a reasonably even sided scenario.The vessels present in the pack are:

Union Vessels and Reference:

USS Baron de Kalb – ACW11
USS Commodore Morris – ACW5
USS Camberwell – ACW4

Confederate Vessels Model Ref:

CSS Arkansas – ACW31
CSS General Stirling Price – ACW21
CSS Planter – ACW6

The vessels, as always with Langton, are far superior to other manufacturers efforts in that scale. The detail is quite superb. There is some assembly required of the vessels but this is small and can be achieved with a good super glue (cyano-acrylate) and the pictures that come with the models. The pictures here are the General Price and the Arkansas, taken from the Langton website and give an idea of the quality that is achievable.

The pack I have I picked up at Colours in 2002 and it cost GBP 18.00 then. Details of the scenario, Somewhere o­n the Yazoo River, 1863 are provided within the pack as well as details of the vessels to ease the defining of those vessels in your favourite rules. I will be trying this scenario in the future using Smoke o­n the Water (and probably a second time use Iron and Fire). I will report o­n these re-fights in Thomo’s Hole later. When I have finished painting these vessels as well, I will include pictures in the Photo Gallery in Thomo’s Hole.

As always, I can recommend Langton’s vessels.

Added: Sunday, June 08, 2003
Reviewer: ThomoTheLost
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